Web Cable Plus Computer to TV

Web Cable Plus Computer to TV
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  • Item #: 06-070-002-58
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Price $90.95

Dear Customer

We would like to bring to your attention that 
the original Web Cable Plus has been upgraded and replaced by MaxView Computer to TV Video Scan ConverterThis new model offers more advanced features and enhanced performance, but in a smaller size, and trendier design.

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Web Cable Plus Computer to TV Converter

All-in-one, Simple, Most Affordable PC-to-TV Video Converter


  • Watch DVDs on the Big-screen TV. No need to buy an expensive stand-alone DVD player when you can use your existing DVD drive on your PC

  • Simultaneous display on PC/laptop and up to two TVs

  • Take PC Gaming to the Next Level! Play with friends and family on the big-screen TV. Experience more excitement and enjoyment playing your games on your home theater system

  • Couch Surf the Internet. Turn your Internet browsing into a family activity

  • Learn Better at Home. Research studies indicate that children learn up to 30% faster when teaching materials include multimedia content. Give your kids a head start with edutainment software

  • All-in-one. Patented Single-cable Design

  • Full button control for: Up/Down/Left/Right/Zoom

  • NTSC/PAL switch

  • Most Affordable PC-to-TV Video Converter

Customer Testimonials

  • Nice product at a great price. Friday, November 14, 2008 
    A Customer from Burlington, MA

    I’m not a tech person and this All-in-one scan converter makes my life much easier. I took this product to my office for presentations and everyone in my office loves the product. With Full button control, I can easily adjust the image and it only takes minutes to hook up my computer to a TV. The picture quality is also great. I recommend this product for anyone who is looking for a scan converter.

  • Scan Converter works great 11/26/2008 
    Gerry, VA

    This scan converter works great for my style of use. I connect one of its connectors to my notebook's VGA output, and connect the composite-video-connector video-out to my TV's aux video-input, and plug the converter into USB power by using USB adapter. I play the video on the notebook then hit the hot-key to redirect the screen's output to the VGA port and bada bing bada boom it's on the TV ! And one of the other benefits is that the converter can just hang between the notebook and the TV, not taking up any table space. Highly recommended for this application.


    • Compatible with all TV's (Standard, HDTV, LCD and Plasma) that have an RCA/Composite or S-Video input
    • Plug and Play, easy installation, no software driver
    • Full button control for: ?Up/Down/Left/Right/Zoom, NTSC/PAL switch, Reset

    • •Supports VGA input resolutions at:

      640x480 @ 60-85 Hz 
      800x600 @ 60-85 Hz 
      1024x768 @ 60-70 Hz

    • Simultaneous Composite and S-Video outputs

    • Advanced digital signal processing technology (VSPro) and Flic-Free digital filter technology providing the crispest and most stable video display
    • Power supplied from PS/2 keyboard port, USB port or 5V AC Power Adapter (adapters included)

    • For both PC and Macintosh computers
    • Simultaneous display on desktop/laptop monitor and TV
    • FCC Class B&CE Certified

    • Global Compatibility


NTSC/PAL switch 
Auto-switching 5V power adapter

    • System Requirements


Windows (all versions), Macintosh OS, Linux, etc. 
VGA output (640x480, 800x600 or 1024x768) 
Compatible with all PCs, laptops, and Macs with VGA connector (except iMac and eMac) 
Sound card optional but required for sending audio from computer 
TV, VCR or DVD with video capable RCA composite or S-Video A/V input ports Input Connectors

    • Power Requirements


5 volts DC, 800 mA, center negative polarity (AC adapter included) 
FCC Class B&CE Certified

    • Minimum System Requirements


Compatible with all PCs, laptops, and Macs with VGA connector (except iMac and eMac) 
Windows (all versions), Macintosh OS, Linux, etc.


    • Installation is as easy as 1-2-3 No software, no drivers


1. Connect one end of the Web Cable Plus to the TV or display device 
2. Connect the other end of the Web Cable Plus to your computer and monitor 
3. Connect the Web Cable Plus PS/2, USB or AC power adapter and you are all ready to view everything from your computer screen on your TV. It's that easy!

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Limited Warranty: One Year

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AITech Part #: 06-070-002-58

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