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MultiPro 2100 - Wireless PC/Cellphone to TV

Now you can turn your computer into a wireless video transmission system!

View your laptop's or desktop's PC monitor screen on any TV with a high-definition HDMI connection.

Have you ever wanted to view your computer screen on your TV? Up until now it's meant a complicated maze of wires. AITech's brand new technology lets you plug a small, simple and lightweight USB stick into your laptop or desktop computer, and send the full contents of your computer screen to your HDTV. It's wireless! View your computer screen on any size HDTV in up to full 1080p. This means you can view online video and downloaded movies, YouTube videos, play computer games, read your e-mail, check Facebook, browse the Web, text or video-chat with your friends, all on your big screen HDTV.

MultiPro 2100 - Wireless PC/Cellphone to TV uses the latest cutting-edge WiFi 802.11n to deliver superior performance and streaming video quality.

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Limited Warranty: One Year

AITech Part #: 06-999-909-00

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