MaxView Computer to TV Video Scan Converter

MaxView Computer to TV Video Scan Converter
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MaxView Video Scan Converter


Bring PC Images to Your TV !

Pocket-size, High-performance Video Converter!

Get the big picture! Start Watching DVD and VOD movies on your big-screen TV. No need to buy a stand-alone DVD player when you can use MaxView to integrate your PC's existing DVD drive into your home theater. MaxView gives you the flexibility to start enjoying movies, PC games and surf the Internet from your couch. Make Computer Time Family Time.


  • Business: Enhance your presentation and captivate your audience with compelling multimedia content. Incorporate PowerPoint slides, video files, images and graphics into a winning multimedia show.

  • Education: Make a difference in the classroom: Research studies indicate that students learn up to 30% faster when lesson plans include multimedia content. Use the big-screen TV to capture student attention and create an effective learning environment.

  • Entertainment: Turn your PC into an interactive family experience. Bring the family together around the big-screen to enjoy watching DVD movies, surfing the Internet and playing PC games.

  • On the Go: Ideal for mobile users. Convenient, lightweight, and affordable alternative to projectors.

Customer Testimonials

  • VGA with RCA and S-Video all in one 
    Taric from Round Lake, IL

    My mother called me from her home in Florida one day and asked how she could hook her computer up to the TV, so she could watch Arabic movies from the Internet. Since this was my mother, I couldn't really walk her through encoding the movies to DVD every time, and she needed something simple. Living in Illinois, I remote-controlled her computer to show her these products, and all she had to do was hook it up. The AITech MaxView Presenter was versatile. It allows for three simultaneous outputs: VGA, S-Video and RCA. This allowed us to see what was coming from the computer on the TV and the computer monitor at the same time. Plus, it had female outputs, allowing us to use regular male-to-male cables to hook up the video. This is the product I would recommend to my friends.

  • Great Device!! 
    Customer from Springfield, OH

    I have deployed several of these in many different applications ranging from Home-Entertainment, Church Media Presentations, Industrial Training Centers, and Media production. They work very well and have given me flawless performance from the day installed. Easy to use, just plug it in and go.

  • An excellent PC to TV converter 
    James Neal from NC

    This review is based on my experience. What you see on the computer screen is what you get on TV screen. Of course, due to TV screen's resolution, if you have your computer screen resolution set high, then the TV screen image wouldn't be as crisp as your computer screen. I use this mainly for playing movies from my computer and watch it on TV screen. The movie is very clear (as long as the source is clear) at full screen mode. I am very happy with it and I am thinking about getting the same one for my dad.

  • Good for an inexpensive, basic scan converter 
    David Cox from Austin, TX United States

    We have about 35 of these deployed to classrooms at a large state university in Austin. We use them to convert projector signals in classrooms to NTSC for streaming to the web. The products are rock solid and I've had no failures after about 3 years of deployment.

  • AITech MaxView Delivers as promised 
    R. Barker from Richmond, KY

    This little unit delivers a great image when converting a VGA computer output into a S-Video signal. Good color and stability. Have been using two of these over a year, about 40 hours per week, and just bought more. The unit also gives a composite output which I don't really use. The image quality is good.


  • Compatible with all TV's (Standard, HDTV, LCD and Plasma) that have an RCA/Composite or S-Video input

  • Plug and Play, easy installation, no software driver

  • Display high resolution computer images (up to 1024 x 768 x 16.7 million colors) on any TV

  • Simultaneous display on PC/laptop and up to two TVs

  • Simultaneous S-Video and RCA/composite connection to TVs, VCRs or other video devices. Uses AITech’s FlicFree and VSPro technologies for the sharpest flicker-free images possible

  • 6 ft. audio cable, 3.5 mm stereo male to 2 RCA males


    • Input


15-pin VGA analog RGB signal 
Multiple input frequencies 
640x480 @ 60-85 Hz 
800x600 @ 60-85 Hz 
1024x768 @ 60-70 Hz

    • Output


S-Video (S-VHS) 
Composite (RCA) 
VGA bypass 
NTSC output

    • Power Requirements


5 volts DC, 800 mA, center negative polarity (AC adapter included) 
FCC Class B&CE Certified

    • Minimum System Requirements


Compatible with all PCs, laptops, and Macs with VGA connector (except iMac and eMac) 
Windows (all versions), Macintosh OS, Linux, etc.


    • Package Includes


(1) MaxView Video Converter 
(1) 6-Foot S-Video and RCA/Composite Video Cables 
(1) 6-Foot Stereo Audio Cable 
(1) Power adapter 
(1) Instruction manual

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Limited Warranty: One Year

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AITech Part #: 06-071-002-60