HDMI Coupler F/F

HDMI Coupler F/F
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Product Features

It can often be difficult to predict where components will need to be placed in the future or calculate the needed cable length for an installation. Miscalculations often aren't noticed until the cable is already installed. When your installation leaves you short, save time and money and avoid the aggravation of running new cables by simply extending your existing HDMI connection.

Our HDMI Female to Female Coupler is designed to extend the distance of your existing HDMI cable by allowing two cables to be coupled together. It is compact and designed for minimal signal loss to provide an easy, quality connection between two HDMI cables. Please note that video source equipment and cable length will play a part in the quality of a video image on the display. Be aware of the limitations of your equipment and what effect any additional cable length has on the picture quality.


Couple two HDMI cables to achieve a desired length 
Female to female connectors 
PCB design to safeguard signal integrity