5.8Ghz Wireless TV Sender

5.8Ghz Wireless TV Sender
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AITech's 5.8Ghz Wireless TV Sender is a kind of eletronic product, which can realize the audio video signal sharing in different rooms for family entertainment. It consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Adopting advanced 5.8GHz wireless transmission schemes and having advantages of long distance transmission, strong anti-interference and high mobility. By means of radio waves, it can transmit the signal from DVD player, DVR, CCTV camera, IPTV, Satellite receiver, Digital TV Set Top Box or any other A/V devices at transmitter end to TV sets in different room at receiver end. Moreover, it can support the IR remote control at the receiver end to realize the function of wireless control of devices from another place. So that you can enjoy freely wireless HD AV sharing data and Hi-Fi audio and video effect.


  • Transfers high quality and uninterrupted video/audio to remote areas within a home, office, school, training facility, supermarket, hospital, hotel, club or church…etc.

  • Works with digital TV converter box, sends AV signal to any TV in any room

  • Wirelessly transmits AV signal from TiVo, Satellite, DVD player, PC…to an AV display (TV, flat panel, projector and PC monitor) anywhere in the home

  • Works with camcorder or CCD camera as a wireless surveillance monitoring system

  • Plug-and-Play. No hassle for software and network setting

  • Avoids the difficulty and costs of running wire/cable through floors and walls

  • No more unsightly wires and cables all over the place

  • Built-in IR extender allows remote control of the A/V source


  • With this Digital Media Adapter, high quality video and audio can be wirelessly streamed from a A/V source (PC, set-top box, satellite receiver, digital video recorder, DVD player, etc.) to a A/V display (TV, flat panel, projector and PC monitor) anywhere in the home through walls for distance up to 250 feet
  • Create wireless home/ office surveillance system. (by connecting with a camcorder or CCD camera)
  • Listen to hi-fi stereo in a remote location without having to run speaker wires from your hi-fi stereo system to your powered or amplified speakers

The unit works well, even when in close proximity to a 2.4 GHz 802.11G network, 2.4 GHz telephone - even during phone conversations, a 900 MHz wireless headset, and several Bluetooth devices, all powered, all working at the same time.I like this unit because it is not too sensitive about placement of the sender and receiver like many products and the video and audio quality is excellent. Unlike some units on the market (at least from reviews I've read), I can sit directly between the sender and receiver and not disrupt the signal. In my test there were also two walls and about 20 feet between the units, and some furniture and me! The transmission path between the units seems very robust.


 Function and Features:
■ Use 5.8GHz ISM frequency band.
■ 300 m transmission range without any holdback.
■ 8 groups of selectable channels, it can effectively avoid the interference from router and other wireless device.
■ Support 1 group of AV signal input/ output.
■ Keep Transmitter and receiver setting at the same channel, it can support 1 transmitter and more receivers at the same time.
■ Support DVD, DVR, IPTV, CCTV Camera, Satellite receiver, Digital STB and other AV output devices.
■ Support superheterodyne 433MHz infrared remote signal transmission, while Compatible for 38KHz infrared carrier control signal.
■ Transmitter have built-in infrared signal emission or infrared transmission extension cable, so that you can do remote control the signal from DVD, DVR, STB, IPTV, and other device.
■ Supports video transmission of PAL/ NTSC system and stereo audio transmission, Pictures received are clear, flamboyant and stable.
■ Full hardware design without installing any software, plug and play, simple and convenient.
■ Fashionable design, Machine dimensions: 10 × 8.5 × 3.0 cm.

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