3D Virtual Reality Headset Pre-order

3D Virtual Reality Headset Pre-order
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3D Virtual Reality Headset for 3D Video Watching and Gaming on your Mobile Devices



3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Wonderful real 3D Experience:

VR headset in the market main function is for phone watching IMAX movies and playing 3D games, almost the same as the Google cardboard.

1. Head-wearing / Head Mount plastic version. 

2. Virtual screen distance about 2-3m, 80inch.

3. Good DIY 3D glasses, plastics manufacturing, excellent workmanship.

4. Focal distance FD had adjusted and designed reasonably, watching distance close to the glasses   will not hurt the eye too. 

5. Myopia: less than 600 degree. 0-300 myopia not affected the watching feeling. 

6.3D games: go to Google play search the vrgames also choose the left-right format. 

7. Controller: Control with the phone, also as a gamepad designed with the 3D games, which can get permission to download the 3D games.


For phone iphone Android Samsung and all 4.7-6 inch Smartphone, Android recommended.

Uses ABS and spherical resin lens materials without stimulation plastic sheet, environmental.

Secret images, other people can not see anything except to the wearer himself.

Convenient to use: can watch at anytime anywhere whether sitting, lying or standing Note- Only can look at theleft-right 3D film. 


Note*** :This item does not have the Magnet Parts so it cannot control like the Google Cardboard 3D.

  VR 3d Glasses
Specification   Plastic Google cardboard Virtual Reality
Model   VR-D601 Glasses
Suitable size  4.7 - 6 inch
IPS adjustment  No need to adjust
Sight adjustment  No need to adjust
Lens  Aspheric optical lens design High transmittance nano-coating technology
Games  Special Gamepad control and 3D software provide
Media player  3D video playback support 2D video convert to 3D support
View angle  110º
Weight  230g
Material  ABS 









Phone Dimension: Apple IOS, Android 4.0 Smartphone, 4.7-6 inch screen

Format: Video left-right 3D 


Applicable: Applicable Android 4.0 smart phones, 4.7-6 inch screen(Max 15.8cm*8.5cm) , 1G RAM or above with gyroscope functions


Media Player:  STORM, MX, XBMC Player and so on .

Mxplayer and XBM: APP for Set the videos format.




This is a pre-order of the AITech 3D Virtual Reality Headset. Once the order has been submitted, we will ship out the product within 4-8 weeks. You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been confirmed, and we will send you an email with the tracking number once the product has been shipped.

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